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Ask me anything   Hey kittens, I'm Rachel. This is an MGMT, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala blog (and other bands). Yes, there may be cats. Like 8 cats maybe? i'm 15 and I play the bass. I hugged Andrew VanWyngarden, thats right.



Palma Violets

oh dear oh no someone pls hold me

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Matthew Hitt and Chilli Jesson in the Vaccine's "Post Break Up Sex"

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Can’t believe I got to see this babe last night! He was incredible

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nickjonas2008 asked: i met him on march 21!! i told him i saw him at 9:30 club and he thanked me and i asked him to personalize my CD to say my name and then i complimented him saying he looked cute onstage and he blushed ugh he's a cutie!!


He’s so adorable! I love him💕

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nickjonas2008 asked: I noticed u posting a lot of jake bugg an I wanted to tell u that I met him!! at a cd signing he's so sweet


Oh that’s amazing!! :) when did you meet him? He seems so sweet, I actually saw him live last night, it was incredible! I got the set list too! I’m so glad you got to meet him, you seem like such a nice person! :)

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Chilli Jesson being pushed over a fence - x

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